Monday, January 7, 2013

I Love a Man in Uniform

So the latest issue of Scouting Magazine featured this new nifty little tool. It's an official BSA uniform GPS! It's pretty cool, and definitely helpful for newbie Scouters Wives. Check it out at

This got me thinking about the BSA uniform in general. I realize that among today's Scouts, there seems to be a debate over the coolness factor of the uniform. I read articles about some boys getting a hard time from their non-scout friends about it. Now I may not have an answer to that (except that when being bullied about their uniform, boys should respond with something like "How much scholarship money has that Ed Hardy shirt helped get you? Right, I didn't think so.") but I'm beginning to think that it has much more to do with how the uniform is worn rather than the uniform itself.

Allow me a few minutes to brag.

My husband looks good in his uniform. Like, really good. Pressed. Clean. Sharp. Neat.

Ya know, like a uniform. Not like gym clothes. An official uniform.

Women just love a man in uniform. How is it then that women are not flocking to uniformed Scouters in droves? There's another one I won't have an answer for, but I'll just ask - why is it that men in all military, dress police and firefighter uniforms, tuxedos and most suits can look like they belong on the cover of GQ when many of those same men in basketball shorts wouldn't get a second look?

I propose that it's not so much the magic in the threads as the nuanced treatment of their care and presentation. When your clothes look like they are supposed to, they make you look good. When scout uniforms fit properly and are clean and pressed, they help project what they symbolize - honor and integrity.

So Scouters Wives everywhere, if the hubby doesn't know his loops from his numerals, send him to
If his khaki and olive drabs are wrinkled and dirty, send him to a good dry cleaner.

If you're a single woman reading this, send yourself over to me. I know some very handsome single men who look great in uniform ;)

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