Thursday, March 7, 2013

Uniforms, Regalia and Insignia: Scouter's Wife Edition

We have a big event coming up over here next month. April 1st will mark the beginning of the new Order of the Arrow lodge in our council, for which my husband will serve as Lodge Adviser. I've been the Lodge Adviser's girlfriend and the Lodge Adviser's fiancee but never the Lodge Advisers wife!

(Yeah, I'm not very good at this anonymity thing.)

It's all very exciting! "Mrs. Deputy Supreme Chief of the Fire" Get that on a business card.

The new lodge will be hosting an event to mark Day One. It's going to be amazing - a true showcase of all that the OA has to offer our Scouts and an opportunity for every Arrowman in the city to come together in brotherhood for the first time. And I'll be on hand to help.

Naturally, I started planning my outfit. Here's what I threw together:

Kohl's Apt. 9 Crochet Slubbed Top

I had a Kohl's gift card from my birthday and some Kohl's cash. I saw this sweet looking top on a model on their website and though it was too cute to pass up. It's light, airy and comfortable and since it'll be April, the color will be just right for Spring. 

Levi's 590 Bootcut Jeans from Macy's

My newest love in Plus Size jeans. I've been wearing Lane Bryant jeans for years but haven't been happy with the cut lately. Where have Levi's been my entire life? Not only do these fit great but the Oceana wash is a great in-between color. Another bonus: the shorter/petite length is perfect on me! Any time your company's pants don't require me to hem - I'm sold.

Flurry Moc: Airwalk for Payless

I remember being a little girl and desperately wanting moccasins. I can't remember where I got the idea - probably one of the American Girls or a pioneer interest piqued by Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. (Wasn't that a great show? Note to self: Put complete series DVDs on Christmas List). Anyhoo, I can't believe I haven't owned a pair until now. Super comfy and super stylish. I'm on a mission to bring moccasins back in fashion, people! Also, as I said to my husband, "Order of the Arrow...?....Stylish footwear...?... Hellooo! MOCCASINS! Per-fect! (in sing-song voice)" This is when he just stares at me and blinks. And sometimes walks away shaking his head.

Peregrine Falcon Pendant and Necklace from Etsy Shop TartanHearts

The totem for the new lodge is the Peregrine Falcon. While the hubs concerns himself with how the bird will translate into embroidery on a flap, I started looking for cute Peregrine Falcon accessories (clearly you can see the priorities here). I'm already thinking decorative birdcages with Peregrine Falcon decoys for lodge banquets. (Sometimes my husband needs to remind me that these events are largely attended by men who, for the most part, don't notice these things. I say pshaw! Like the Peregrine Falcon, my creativity needs to sour! Nobody puts Mrs. Deputy Supreme Chief of the Fire in a corner!) One of the pieces I came upon was this darling antique print in a glass cabochon pendant from Etsy store TartanHearts Handmade Jewelry. I adore it. It's kind of a nod to our Lodge without being actual insignia. I'm all about nods to things. Here's a closeup of the bauble:

Now this is my kind of uniform. I'm calling it Lenape Chic.

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