Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Stuff I Love : Ritter Sport

I swear, half the reason I started this blog is so I can talk about my favorite things.

But what would that first product be? Oh, I have a list. Nail products, grocery items, chapstick. Whatever I choose for my first product could set the tone of this blog forever. That product would make a statement about who I am and what I value most. There was only one answer.


Not just any chocolate. I heard about this stuff long ago from blogger C. Jane Kendrick. She mentioned it at some point and I'd wanted to try it, being a lifelong lover of the substance, but I couldn't find it anywhere. And then, one day, out of the blue, months and months later, it was staring up at me, in Walgreens of all places. One bar comes to $4.27 with tax. Pricey, yes. But this is "adult chocolate." Don't get me wrong, a Hershey's does the trick in a Real Chocolate Emergency, but sometimes, you just need an upgrade. And does this hit the spot.

So far, I've tried the Alpine Milk Chocolate and the Milk Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts. The 3.5 oz bar is 3.5 x 3.5 inches of creamy deliciousness. Seriously, this is the creamiest milk chocolate I've ever had, and I've had it all - Godiva, Dove, Lindt, Ghiradelli, Perugina, Sees, Russell Stovers, 75% off hollow chocolate bunnies named Peter B. Goode. (This is the part where you insist that I've haven't lived until I've tried Such-and-Such Brand of chocolate and you want to send me a bar. You may proceed.) This stuff is fantastic. If you happen to see it, buy it. You'll thank me.

A less expensive runner up to the Ritter Sport: Hershey's Symphony bar. (It's gotta be the red wrapper though, not blue. Ritter Sport may be my latest fling but Symphony was my first love. And you just don't forget your first love.)

I wish you peace, blessings, and copious amounts of chocolate.

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